How Much Does a Replacement Car Key Cost in the UK?

Losing or damaging your car keys can be incredibly inconvenient and lead to costly repairs or replacement. But how much does it actually cost to replace your car keys in the UK? The prices can vary greatly depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the type of key required, and where you go for replacement services. This article will examine the different factors that affect car key replacement costs in the UK so you know what to expect.

Key Types and Prices

The most basic type of metal keys cost the least to replace, while more technologically advanced keys tend to be most expensive. Here are average price ranges for different types of car keys in the UK:

  • Basic metal key cutting – £10-£20
  • Flip key cutting – £15-£30
  • Proximity/remote key cutting – £25-£60
  • Transponder key cutting – £30-£80
  • Smart key cutting – £100-£200

Make and Model Differences

Replacement costs can also vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Luxury vehicles like BMW, Mercedes and Land Rover tend to have more advanced security systems and keys, driving prices higher. Here are some average replacement costs by car manufacturer:

  • Ford – £20-£60
  • Vauxhall – £25-£80
  • Volkswagen – £30-£100
  • Toyota – £35-£120
  • BMW – £50-£150
  • Mercedes – £60-£180

Locksmith vs. Dealer Prices

Where you go to get your replacement car key made also impacts the price. Independent auto locksmiths like generally offer better rates compared to authorised brand dealerships. For example, a basic Ford Fiesta metal key may cost £25 from a local locksmith but £60 from a Ford dealership. The price difference is usually greater for luxury brands with complex key technology.

Programming Costs

If your car has an immobilizer system, any replacement key will need to be electronically programmed before it will start your car. Programming fees often add £20-£60 onto the total bill for cutting the physical key. Luxury brands again tend to charge higher programming fees. This is something to clarify upfront with the locksmith or dealership.

Emergency Costs

If you need to replace a lost car key in an emergency outside of normal business hours, expect to pay significantly more for out-of-hours mobile services. Emergency call-out rates for a locksmith like to come cut and program a new key onsite often start from £80-£100, over and above the standard key cutting costs.

Total Replacement Costs

Taking all these factors together, you can expect to pay anywhere from £20 to £300+ for replacement car keys in the UK. Basic spares for common vehicles may cost just £20-£50. But new prox keys for high-end vehicles can cost over £200 from a main dealer. On average, expect to pay £60-£120 for a new car key. Contact for an exact quote based on your vehicle make and model.

How to Save Money on Car Key Replacement

Follow these tips to keep replacement costs down if you need new car keys made:

  • Shop around for quotes – Prices vary between locksmiths and dealerships
  • Opt for a basic key with less features – The more basic, the cheaper
  • Avoid “emergency” fees – Get keys replaced during normal hours
  • Provide the original key – Makes duplication faster and easier
  • Go to an independent locksmith like – Usually better rates than main dealers
  • Buy blank keys online – And get them programmed locally
  • Consider used keys – Could save 50% or more off new

By following these tips and selecting an affordable locksmith like, you can avoid overpaying and keep your car key replacement costs in the UK to a minimum.

Why Choose

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Replacing lost, stolen or damaged car keys does not have to be a budget-breaking expense. By understanding the costs involved and choosing a reputable locksmith like, you can get new car keys made affordably so you’re never stranded. Contact us today to learn more about our competitive key replacement services throughout the UK.

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