How To Get a Replacement Car Key Without the Original

Losing your only car key or having it stolen can be an incredibly stressful situation. Without the original key, you have no way to start your vehicle or gain entry. So how do you actually get a replacement car key made without access to the original? While it’s not always easy, there are several options for obtaining a new key without the old one. In this article, we’ll explore the steps you can take to get back on the road quickly.

Contact auto locksmith

One of your best options is to contact a professional auto locksmith like Our expert locksmiths have the tools and expertise to make replacement keys for most makes and models, without needing the original. Here are some of the techniques we may use:

  • Diagnostic decoding – We have devices that can plug into your car’s OBD port and pull the key code from the vehicle’s computer system. This allows us to cut and program a replacement key that will start your car.
  • Lock bumping/picking – For older vehicles with basic locks, our locksmiths may be able to “bump” or pick the lock open to gain entry. Once inside, the ignition lock can be removed and a new key matched to it.
  • Lock cylinders – We can remove and replace the exterior door lock cylinders so new keys will work to open the doors. The ignition cylinder can also be replaced if needed.
  • Transponder cloning – Some advanced reproduction methods don’t require the original. An existing working key from another similar vehicle can be reprogrammed and synced to your car’s system.

While costlier than having your own key, our professional mobile locksmiths have the tools and skill to get you a working replacement key without the original.

Contact the Manufacturer

You can also contact the manufacturer or dealership where you purchased the vehicle. Provide them with your VIN number, car registration, driver’s license, and proof of ownership/insurance. The dealer may be able to assist with key codes or programming a new key. However, success depends on whether you originally bought the car from them.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

If you belong to an auto club or have emergency roadside assistance through insurance, call them and see if they can dispatch a technician to assist with making a key. But their capabilities are often more limited than a dedicated locksmith like

Temporary Workaround Solutions

For immediate access, we can provide some temporary workarounds like unlocking the doors or replacing the ignition cylinder. But keep in mind these are short-term fixes until a proper replacement key can be made with full functionality.

Replacement Key Costs

Without the original key, expect to pay £100-£200 more for us to extract codes, replace components, or use other methods to find the proper keyway and cutting pattern. Extra programming steps also add cost. Pricing depends on the vehicle make and model. Contact for an exact quote.

Preventative Measures

To avoid replacement hassles in the future, be proactive. Keep a spare key at home, document your key code, and consider a tracking app or high-security key. Preparation is the best way to avoid a difficult key replacement situation.

In summary, work with our professional auto locksmiths at to create a new car key without the original. We have the most tools and capabilities to get your car unlocked and a new key made from scratch. While not impossible, it does require expert skill and costs more than duplicating an existing key. But with our locksmiths, you can get back on the road quickly.

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